Agentilo Products

Agentilo develops building blocks for customized solutions.

... in the cloud

Agentilo Voiceserver

The Agentilo Voiceserver connects home and building automation devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Quality of the service
  • Agentilo Voiceserver runs redundantly on multiple machines.
    The number and strength of the machines is adapted to the demand and load.
    If one machine fails, another takes over.

  • Efficiency
  • The devices can be connected to several language assistants - with only one interface.

  • Cost savings
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant are changing the protocol again?
    You don't have to change the software in your devices.
    The continuous maintenance of our Voiceserver maintains smooth communication.

Devices are connected to Agentilo Voiceserver through adapters that allow for a wide variety of device network architectures: For example, the devices can be connected directly or via a central device server. If desired, a customer portal of the manufacturer can also be integrated.

Agentilo happily helps customers to register their Amazon Skills or Google Actions.

... in the building

Agentilo Mobile

Agentilo Mobile is our software for the tasks:

  • Operate
  • Operation via built-in panels, mobile devices or voice command.

  • Control
  • For example with logic and time functions.

  • Monitor
  • Monitoring of operating states and alarms.

  • Capture
  • Recording of consumption and meter readings, archiving of events and historical data.

  • Evaluate
  • Agentilo Mobile can be used as the basis for certified energy management.

  • Visualize on the Web
  • Symbol libraries, free styles, free design, free positioning on floor plans and maps.

  • Voice control

Agentilo Mobile thus forms the basis for the realization of customer-specific solutions and enables high-quality visualizations with enormous adaptability.

The software supports KNX installations and other systems.

We are particularly interested in energy applications.
Agentilo Mobile can also be combined with our management software for charging stations for electric vehicles.

Agentilo Mobile requires Windows® 10.