Voice server for eNet SMART HOME

With the help of Agentilo's voice server, the eNet SMART HOME brand has reached the next level of connectivity.

The voice server provides the stable basis for the eNet SMART HOME application in the form of the eNet SMART HOME skill for Amazon Alexa and the eNet SMART HOME action for Google Assistant.

How easy this is for the customer is demonstrated by the YouTube videos on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant setup for the installer and user of the eNet SMART HOME system.

As an implementation partner, Insta GmbH inserted our voice server into the system environment and used it to implement the smart functions and applications for eNet SMART HOME customers.

"The cooperation with Agentilo has made the implementation of smart services for eNet SMART HOME much easier.

We have been able to focus on the competence for the eNet server and its interfaces and have been able to simplify the connection to the world of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant significantly via the integration of the voice servers.

Agentilo is a very good partner for us in this context and is an important building block for our stable infrastructure.

This means that the eNet SMART HOME customer can always and everywhere control his devices via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. All communication is also encrypted, which gives us and our customers a good feeling that we have taken the right steps."

Sascha Przywarra, Product Management eNet SMART HOME

You can see how easy this is for the customer in the following presentation: