Software for the Internet of Things

Agentilo® GmbH develops software for home and building automation and connects devices with secure, scalable and reliable cloud solutions. The extended connectivity allows the use of the devices in different application scenarios to be increased.

We have been developing software for the electrical industry for over 20 years. We combine experience on the device side with competence in semantic software technologies and modern Internet protocols.

Even in the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, we are continuing operations without restrictions. Just as competently and reliably as our customers have come to expect from us. To protect each other in the best possible way, our team works from home in the cloud.

We wish all customers, friends and their families health and courage during this crisis! Together we will emerge stronger!

...  in the Internet of Things

Smart Home and Building Automation

We cooperate with manufacturers of sensors and actuators for smart homes and commercial building automation.

We supplement devices and local systems with voice control from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant by our Agentilo Voiceserver Adapter in the Cloud.

The coupling to the voice services is thereby made possible:
  • safe
  • efficient
  • cost-saving

With web services, we can also provide business models for preventive maintenance and optimize other tasks. There are many possibilities!

...  on the device side

Gateways and Applications

The world's leading standard for building automation is KNX. We have been involved in the development of KNX technology for many years and we ourselves are a member of the KNX Association.

We support manufacturers in the realization of gateways between different systems, visualizations and configuration programs.

We like to work together with our clients in an agile development process.


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Solutions from the toolbox

With Agentilo Mobile, solutions for the visualization, monitoring and control of systems can be easily configured from a modular system.

One of our special passions is applications for energy efficiency and electromobility.

At Light+Building 2018 we presented how Agentilo Mobile can be used to set up energy management for a house with photovoltaics, energy storage and electromobility.