Solutions for the Internet of Things

Agentilo develops innovative software for the Internet of Things.
With our software, we support projects for the digitalization of business processes with sensors and actuators, for example for the control and maintenance of machines or buildings.

We are experienced experts in implementing cloud solutions to make devices available on site in scalable solutions via the Internet. This makes us a reliable partner for product development in companies, for example for integrating products with voice assistants from Amazon, Google or Samsung.

A current focus is the development of solutions with the KNX IoT 3rd Party API. We have acquired special expertise in this area through corresponding developments, from the design of the solution to its implementation and certification.

KNX IoT 3rd party API

The KNX IoT 3rd Party API is a new standard for the communication of web applications, e.g. for energy management, with technical systems in buildings, from residential and commercial buildings to entire city districts.

The API is implemented on the building side by a gateway (as the server of the API). The certification of the gateway creates the basis of trust to implement the web solutions (as clients of the API) independently of the details of the KNX installation.

In addition, a gateway can also provide the KNX 3rd party API for technical systems other than KNX. This further extends the range of applications for the web solution.

Whether on the device or cloud side, we have the experience to help!

Voice services in home automation and building automation

We work with manufacturers of sensors and actuators for smart homes and commercial building automation.

We supplement devices and local systems with voice control from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Smart Things using our Agentilo Voiceserver middleware in the cloud.

The connection to the voice services is thereby:

  • safe
  • efficient
  • cost-saving

See how INSTA uses Agentilo’s voice server with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for eNet SMART HOME:

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